Winning Tip! Event Hashtags

Each of our events will be given a unique hashtag for use on Social Media once it is open and all stashes are confirmed as hidden. These tags can be a valuable tool in the arsenal of any Miser’s Millions Stash Hunter.

Adding the hashtag to any post on Twitter or Facebook will allow us to quickly and easily find your posts in the crowded world of social media.

Similarly, we will use the relevant hashtag on posts we make about a specific event while it is open so you can search for the hashtag at any time and be sure you aren’t missing anything from us.

If you’re unsure about hashtags and how they work you can read a simple and quick article about how to use hashtags on Twitter and Facebook here on HubSpot.

Be sure to look out for the official hashtag for each event when it is released and be sure to use it during events, it will keep you one step ahead of the crowd.

How Miser’s Millions use hashtags
Because the hashtag is a fast way to share and receive valuable information we’ll only use them once all the stashes in an event are confirmed as hidden and the event is open to Stash Hunters.

Use of that hashtag will cease after all stashes have been claimed or the event is officially closed.

Each event will have a unique hashtag so there’s nothing to be gained by using an old hashtag or a hashtag assigned to another event, unsure you have the correct hashtag for the event you are attending. If you’re not sure what the new hashtag is, just ask us and we’ll let you know.

Good Luck and HAPPY HUNTING.

Note* From time to time we might use a hashtag on Twitter (or even more rarely on Facebook) that is not part of an event. This is done purely in the context of the post. Basically what we mean is that while all events should have a hashtag, not all hashtags you might see on our social media pages are necessarily related to a specific event.

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