We’re Targeting Tyne & Wear

Announcement from Miser’s Millions

14th June 2017
09:00 (GMT)

We are officially announcing today that we are beginning our sustained effort to build a solid foundation on which to grow our exciting new real-world game concept that is ‘Miser’s Millions’.

To that end and to build on the already growing success in this location, it has been decided that the main focus of future events will be within the Tyne and Wear area of the UK … …for the time being at least.

This means stashes will be announced anywhere within the area covered by the border with Northumberland in the north, the border with County Durham in the south, the coast to the east and as far west as areas such as Chopwell and Throckley.

While there may be events outside of these areas from time-to-time, until demand grows for events further afield the main focus will stay within the areas shown in the map below:

Click on map to enlarge (opens in new tab)

“I don’t live in these areas what should I do?”

You should still follow Miser’s Millions closely for two important reasons: –

REASON 1: From time to time events will be held outside of the usual areas and can appear anywhere in the UK at any time

REASON 2: Plans are already being formulated to spread the Miser’s Millions events across the UK and to hold events throughout the UK on a regular basis.

So please keep following us, keep telling all your friends about us and keep telling us if you would really like to see an event in your part of the UK. If we get enough interest we promise to hold an event near you no matter where you are in the United Kingdom.

No matter where you live at the moment you should follow us on as many of these forms of social media as possible:

You should Bookmark, Like, Follow and Subscribe to as many of these media feeds as possible to give yourself the best chance of finding some real cash during this event. Oh, and to ensure you get our event clues first make sure you always choose to receive updates from each of these media streams.

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