NOW CLOSED! Saturday 22nd July 2017 – Sunderland Event 1 (Signature)

It’s ‘up, up and away’ with our very first Sunderland event and it’s a Signature Event too so plenty of stashes to go around.

This event is planned to coincide with the 2017 Sunderland International Airshow. There’s going to be plenty of people in the area so if you’re planning to visit the Airshow, it might be worth your while to join in this event.

Just like the airshow, our event is 100% FREE and finding our stashes could just help with some of the other expenses a trip to the airshow incurs such as ice cream and snacks for the kids or a refreshing drink for the mums and dads.

Whatever you do during the 2017 Airshow, have a great day and GOOD LUCK!

Some time on Saturday 22nd July 2017 Miser Stashes will be hidden in a location somewhere within Sunderland. We can’t say exactly when or where just yet but we will give our players clues as soon as we know the Miser has hidden them.

Estimated time remaining until day of this event
Saturday 22nd July 2017
(this countdown is for illustration only, social media announcements will inform players when event is open)



Official Facebook event page:

This will be a Miser’s Millions Signature Event.
These are our main events with at least five miser stashes located in one small area.

The stash contents and values are usually kept secret but may sometimes be disclosed and can contain anything from £5 to who knows what? The sky’s the limit!.

The stashes remain in place until they are successfully found, there is no time limit to these events but you should act quickly not to miss out.

There is no registration fee and it’s FREE to play and win cash, you just need to keep following us on social media such as Facebook, Twitter and our website for the latest news as well as hints, clues and tips on this and other events as they happen.

You should follow us on as many of these forms of social media as possible:

You should Bookmark, Like, Follow and Subscribe to as many of these media feeds as possible to give yourself the best chance of finding some real cash during this event. Oh, and to ensure you get our event clues first make sure you always choose to receive updates from each of these media streams.

Once we confirm the stashes are hidden we will release the news on Social Media and our website, together with clues to help you track down and find each of the stashes.

 If this event sounds good to you please let us know and be sure to share this with all your friends – everyone loves free money!

Finally, here’s a tip: As this is one of our first events, the odds of walking away with a cash prize is exceptionally high so it might be worth giving it a try.


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