Share in our success – WE’RE LOOKING FOR SPONSORS:- Want to get your name in front of some fresh eyes but think you might not be able to afford sponsorship of one of our upcoming events in TYNE & WEAR?*

Well, think again. No matter what your budget we’d love to hear from you. Get in touch via Facebook or Twitter private messaging or use the contact form below.

Our unique, value-for-money sponsorship packages can drive new traffic or interested parties in your direction. We don’t charge the earth for anyone to become a sponsor so this makes it ideal for small or medium sized companies to get involved. So it’s suitable for anyone wishing to publicise their:

  • name
  • company
  • brand
  • event
  • organisation
  • charity 

What we need:
Cash donations starting from £10+ (yes really, you can sponsor a single stash for as little as just £10 – subject to availability) OR how about offering some of your products as prizes? Prize stashes start at only £20+ retail value (sorry, no money off vouchers accepted, these have to be real physical prizes for our players to get excited about and find).

TIP* Obviously the higher the value your stash value, the higher profile and more talked about your association with great stashes will become over time with players actively looking for stashes or events sponsored by you.

Don’t worry if your prize is too large to hide we’ll hide an official Miser’s Millions prize certificate the winners must hand to us to claim their prize.

What we offer you:

  • You’ll become associated with this brand new and exciting game that’s sure to catch on.
  • We remember those who help us in the early days and will give them preferential rates and offers as Miser’s Millions gets even bigger.
  • How much you donate as cash/prizes will decide the levels of exposure you’ll get.
  • Depending on how much you invest we could give you regular shout-outs to all of our players, followers and other sposnsors on our social media channels and website in the run-up to the event your sponsorship is connected to.
  • We’ll share links to your website or offer clear directions to your location, we could attach your logo to our social media channels and really make sure your name or brand gets heard and shared around Tyne and Wear and beyond.
  • Regular sponsors will gain further loyalty discounts and bonus advertising through all of the channels at our disposal.

You’ll be recognised as the generous sponsor you are and become associated with all the fun and excitement of Miser’s Millions as it grows and grows – each event is getting a larger following than its predecessor.

Sound interesting? We’d love to hear from you and work together on a sponsorship package that suits everyone. So send us a private message ot Twitter or Facebook or contact us via our official website, using the form on this page, today!

*More areas to follow soon




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